MiniCog.prc (Palm OS application) and MiniCogWriter (Mac and Windows desktop scripting application) made up a beta software package (just MiniCog, for short) for scripting psychological tasks to run on a Palm OS PDA. TheMiniCog Rapid Assessment Battery (MRAB) was a package of nine short cognitive test scripts in the domains of attention, executive function, and problem-solving that ran in the MiniCog application. For a description of the software and MRAB tests, please see the MiniCog/MRAB User Manual and two articles cited below.

An alpha version of MiniCog for Windows-Mobile "Pocket PCs" was implemented, but had known bugs and was not extensively tested; eight of the MRAB tests – all but Cognitive-Set-Switching (CSS) – were implemented for the Windows-Mobile version of MiniCog.

MiniCog/MRAB development was halted by the Kosslyn Laboratory due to lack of funding in 2006, and we do not provide active support of the task battery or software package.

However, a pre-employment screening company, Criteria Corporation, has licensed the software from Harvard and developed a web-based version of the MRAB tasks as part of their portfolio of assessments. This online commercial suite is the only available current version of the tasks.

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More information about a 2008 project with Richard Hackman's lab to study the impact of neurocognitive processes and group interaction on collaboration in analytic teams can be found on the GroupBrain website.